About Computer Gurus

Computer Gurus Mission is to Help Keep Computers Running in and Around Tunbridge Wells

Our computer gurus provides a range of services including Computer Repair, Computer Training, Computer Help & Support, Mobile Devices Repairs, Tablets Repairs. Since Computer Gurus was established in 2004 as a community project we have helped hundreds of people to fix their devices and provide them expert help and advice.

Running as a family business we are committed to provide an expert repair and support services in a friendly way making sure we speak in a simple plain English with no jargon.

Our business model start with receiving a phone call from anyone who is looking for a help with their device and finish with leaving a smile on their face and that is it, and  that we love to continue.

At Computer Gurus we have a robust training system where we regularly invest to train our staff to keep up to date with new technologies so that they can provide an excellent Computer Repair services in Tunbridge Wells.

Recently we have completed our training sessions in repairing Mobile devices and Tablets computers which includes mobile phone screen replacement and tablet screen replacements.

Currently Computer Gurus serves in Tunbridge Wells and 10 mile radius but our goal is to expand our services to whole Kent and Sussex counties.

Our Values 

Helping Others – This is our core value , we strongly believe in helping others and make them happy because we are happy when our customers are happy .

Fair Trading – Computing is a very technical field and there are lots of jargon and hidden tricks can be played to over charge customers but we at Computer Gurus believe in a fair trading. We try our best to explain every thing in detail before start any repair.

Every One Love Savings – We love too , This is another core value which we strictly adhere to we try our best to save our customers money as much as we can by findings best price parts and any alternatives to expensive software.

Convenience – As we open 7 days for travelling and also phone lines are open 24/7 for remote service it is the most convenient for our customers to receive our services.

Simple and Friendly – Unlike the other large support companies who hey have call centres out side UK and people struggle to understand their accent we are local and just round the corner and speak simple plain English in a friendly way.

If you define Computer Gurus in three words we  Local, affordable , friendly ! contact us 

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