Apple MacBook Running Slow

If you feel that your Apple iMac or Apple Macbook running slow you can either upgrade ram on your Mac or upgrade hard drive of your Mac to make is really fast.

Apple MacBook Running Slow
Apple MacBook Running Slow

Apple MacBook Running Slow Solution

There are two ways to make your Apple MacBook fast first is to upgrade the memory (RAM) and other way is to change the hard drive and upgrade to SSD (Solid State Hard Drive) . SSD drivers are 10 time faster than the ordinary mechanical drivers which are bound to spin and get slower and slower with the time.

In this picture above you can see the old style drive is being replace with new good quality solid state drive from Samsung. We are specialised upgrading hard drives we take care of all the data and back up your data using Apple TimeMachine a built in back up software .

Data Backup

During upgrade of hard drive you will not loose any data because our experts will save your entire old hard drive to TimeMachine backup and which can be restored later on.

External Hard Drive

The data can be backed up on to an external hard drive a good quality external hard drive like WD My Passport will cost around £49 to buy and it will continuously back up your photos, documents and any software to have a peace of mind in case of any disaster could happen.

Memory Upgrade

If yo have lots of programs or games on your MacBook it will slow down your MacBook because these programs use lots of memory in this case you can double the memory of your Mac to make it really fast.

To find out which type and speed of memory your Mac have you can go to this link to fnd out how much memory you can upgrade .

Please contact us and we will make your Apple MacBook fast

Or simply call us 01892 544199 and speak to one of our Mac expert.

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