New Intel i3 8th Generation Desktop PC Only for £389 Saving £100

Brand new fast i3-8100 250GB SSD 8GB RAM Computer for high performance work and games.

High Performance 3-8100 PC
  • Processor Intel i3-8100 8th generation 3.6 GHz
  • 8GB fast RAM 2400 MHz DDR4
  • Samsung 250Gb SSD Drive for fast performance
  • Asus H310M-Plus Gaming motherboard
  • Built in Intel graphic card for HD high quality images
  • DVD-RW
  • Windows 10 Pro

All our computer comes with 2 years warranty and are build with high quality components to make sure our computers runs smoothly.

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HP Chromebook for Sale £99

HP Chromebook Model 11-V001NA for £99

HP Chromebook £99

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Nearly new unused HP Chromebook model 11-v001na with Intel processor is for sale treat it as Christmas gift. only for £99

  • HP Chromebook model 11-V001na
  • Operating System Google OS
  • Processor Intel Celerone N3060
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 16 GB eMMC storage
  • Intel HD graphic card
  • Chromebooks run Chrome OS for a fast, simple, secure computing experience;
  • it loads in seconds and gives you easy access to all your Android Apps and Google Drive content
  • With an 29.5 cm (11.6 inch) diagonal HD display, you can comfortably enjoy the view from any angle with clarity and high video quality
  • Store your photos, documents and videos in the cloud with 100 GB Google Drive (2 year 
Left Side of the laptop
Right side of the laptop
Back side of laptop

MacBook Backup

macbook backup
MacBook Backup

It is very important to perform MacBook backup to backup your crucial documents, photos videos and other files regularly before any disaster happen to your MacBook. You really do not want to loose your wonderful memories in the form of photos or you really do not want to loose any important business report.

So the question is how we do that ?there are many ways to fully backup your MacBook. However the most reliable and good method is to use MacBook built-in utility called TimeMachine which is highly recommended as a one of the best method for backup .

MacBook Backup Apple Mac TimeMachine

To backup your MacBook you need an external hard drive, any external hard drive will be fine but I recommend WD My Passport 1TB hard drive for backup , you can buy 2TB or 4TB as well it is really depend upon your requirements.

  1. Connect your external hard drive to your your Mac in USB port 
  2. Open System Preference and looking for TimeMachine 
  3. Open TimeMachine 
  4. Follow the instructions on TmeMachine and set up your regular backup 

If you want more details or want us to help you setup your backup to save time please contact us 01892 544199

For further detail about MacBook Backup please visit Apple TimeMachine 

Apple MacBook Running Slow

If you feel that your Apple iMac or Apple Macbook running slow you can either upgrade ram on your Mac or upgrade hard drive of your Mac to make is really fast.

Apple MacBook Running Slow
Apple MacBook Running Slow

Apple MacBook Running Slow Solution

There are two ways to make your Apple MacBook fast first is to upgrade the memory (RAM) and other way is to change the hard drive and upgrade to SSD (Solid State Hard Drive) . SSD drivers are 10 time faster than the ordinary mechanical drivers which are bound to spin and get slower and slower with the time.

In this picture above you can see the old style drive is being replace with new good quality solid state drive from Samsung. We are specialised upgrading hard drives we take care of all the data and back up your data using Apple TimeMachine a built in back up software .

Data Backup

During upgrade of hard drive you will not loose any data because our experts will save your entire old hard drive to TimeMachine backup and which can be restored later on.

External Hard Drive

The data can be backed up on to an external hard drive a good quality external hard drive like WD My Passport will cost around £49 to buy and it will continuously back up your photos, documents and any software to have a peace of mind in case of any disaster could happen.

Memory Upgrade

If yo have lots of programs or games on your MacBook it will slow down your MacBook because these programs use lots of memory in this case you can double the memory of your Mac to make it really fast.

To find out which type and speed of memory your Mac have you can go to this link to fnd out how much memory you can upgrade .

Please contact us and we will make your Apple MacBook fast

Or simply call us 01892 544199 and speak to one of our Mac expert.

Computer Running Slow

computer running slow

computer running slow

Computer Running Slow

If your computer running slow or your laptop is very sluggish and take long time to start also freezes frequently during work. It might be cased by old type of mechanical hard drive.Fortunately technology has advanced and now a new type of hard drive called Solid State Drives (SSD) are available which can fix this problem by boosting your computer speed up to 10 time.

Replacing your old mechanical hard drive with new SSD type drives can solve this problem. Which can save you to buying a new computer or new laptop.

Although many different sizes of SSD are available but 250GB and 500Gb are the most popular choice when it comes to replacing the old hard drive.

There are many makes of SSD drives but we choose good quality Samsung SSD drive to make sure a good speed and reliability can be achieved and customer satisfaction can be assured.

Samsung recently released a new model Samsung 860 EVO SSD drive . see more

samsung 860 ssd

If you are experience slow computer problem please contact us we will replace your old style mechanical hard rive with new fast SSD drive .

Cost for replacing the 250 GB will be around £150 and for 500GB it will be £200.

There are two methods to upgrade

  • cloning of the drive both for Windows and Mac
  • Fresh operating System installation for for Windows and Mac

If you have many software which you do not wish to reinstall them or it might be difficult to find their product keys then cloning is the best option , during cloning of the drive every thing is cloned to the new SSD drive without any change to your pc .

However sometime cloning process does not work properly and we have to install fresh operating system.

Please contact us for a quote or any question .

SSD Upgrade in Tunbridge Wells

SSD upgrade stands for Solid-State-Drive it is a new technology to store data and is an alternative to mechanical conventional hard drive. The advantage of upgrading is that it is very fast as compare to mechanical hard drives.

As the prices for SSD hard drives dramatically comes down so it is a good time to upgrade your computer with this new SSD hard drive.

Any PC or laptop can be upgraded to install new SSD hard drive to boost the speed and reliability.

SSD upgrade in Tunbridge Wells

More details can be found here

SSD Upgrade Prices

SSD hard drives are becoming very popular these days now and their prices coming down .

A typical 120 GB SSD good quality with good speed cost around £50 and best quality 250 GB SSD hard cost around £90 plus service charges to install.

Do I loose my data during SSD upgrade?

No . We will transfer all of your data from your old hard drive to new SSD upgrade hard drive, including your photos, documents, music and videos.

If you need further information please contact us for a free quote 01892 544199 or contact us HERE 

What are the advantage to upgrade?

By upgrading your pc from old hard drive to new SSD hard will give a sped to your PC/Laptop.

The boot/start time of your PC will reduce and it will start immediately far more quick as compared to old hard drive.

SSD hard drives are normally very safe and less likely to get break down as compared to old hard drives.

Speed of a PC depends on three main components of the computer processor, memory and type of hard drive storage. The conventional old mechanical hard drives are slow so this new SSD upgrade hard rive will surely speed up your PC to high level and you will enjoy using a speedy computer.

Windows Update

How to Check Windows Update

If you have windows computer with Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 then it is very important that your regularly check that your computer have latest Windows Update installed.

Windows computers are set to install Important security updates automatically but sometime this automatic security updates doe snot work and it is important to install or check Windows updates manually.

I have compiled here a very easy method to open the Windows Updates screen and check Windows update , please follow these instructions and make sure you have latest Windows updates:


On your keyboard press Windows Key and R keys together as shown in the following picture:

windows and R key windows update



Step 2

This will open a run window dialog box as shown below :

run dialog box







Type control update in this box and press OK button .

Step 3 

This will open the following windows now press Check Updates :

check updates

This will automatically install Windows Update and your pc will be protected .

I hope you like this article if you have any question please contact us or call us 01892 544199 we will be more than happy to help you .


Backup Your Data

These days it is very important to know How to backup your data because no one can afford to lose their important photos, project work or music.
computer backup your data

Computers can be stolen, break down or completely damaged by accidents which can be catastrophic disaster of lost of your important work or music. The only way to protect your data is have a data backup strategy in place.

There are many ways important data can be securely backed up few of them I will explain here:


Backup using External Hard Drives

This involve setting up your external hard drive to continuously backup your computer data on a regularly basis using either Windows build in backup software called File History or using third party software .

WD MyPassport Hard drive will cost around £60 and this hard drive have a built in backup software called SmartWare. A similar type of hard drive are Seagate and Toshiba .

Backup your data using Cloud Backup

Another option to backup your data online or on the cloud is called Cloud Backup. Following are some of the well known companies who offer this service for a minimal monthly or yearly fee.

  • Dropbox – 2GB free cost but more space can be bought for £10/month. It is also used by millions as data sharing tool. The link is 
  • Google Drive  – 15 GB Free but more will cost you around £6/month
  • BT Cloud  – If you use BT broadband they will give you 50GB free but more can be bought by paying little extra per month
  • PcWorld – KNOWHOW offer 1TB online data storage for £30 per month here is a link for
  • BackBlaze – This is another good backup software easy to use and provide unlimited storage for £3/month
  • OneDrive – Microsoft offer OneDrive which is a part of Windows App and it offer 15GB free online storage you can find 

Using Email to Backup Your Data

If you have a good storage package for your email then any important file can be emailed to yourself to keep as a record.

Apple Computer use TimeMachine

All models of Apple computers use a built in backup software called TimeMachine which is very handy to backup your data on to external hard drive.

iCloud Backup

Apple also have cloud backup iCloud where you can get 2 GB free but then price increases as you buy more storage but it is still worth exploring because it synchronise with all of Apple dives in a good manner.

If you have any question about how to backup and secure your important data please do not hesitate to contact us we will help you setup a good data backup plan according to your requirement.

If you need to contact us please click here or alternatively call us 01892 544199 .

How to Reset Your Windows 10 Local Account Password

windows 10 laptop
Windows 10 Local Account Password

Please follow these instructions How to Reset Your Windows 10 Local Account Password

  1. Boot from USB drive
  2. Open File Manager and go to Windows/System32/config  folder
  3. Copy the full path e.g /media/sda2/Windows/System32/Config
  4. Now close File Manger
  5. Open LXTerminal
  6. Type cd and right click and paste copied earlier path
  7. Now type chntpw -i SAM  or sudo chntpw SAM or chntpw -h
  8. Follow the instructions

These instructions can be used with any Linux boot able usb drive for example TechUSB or UBUNTO boot able drive.

If you forget Windows 10 password then there are many way to recover it first method is using Windows recovery dvd or USb drive and other is just guessing your password .

There is another method where you can recover Windows 10 password , please follow below :

  1. Start from Windows 10 USD boot bale or DVD  Bootable drive
  2. Do not install instead Repair Windows
  3. Now click on Trouble Shooting
  4. Now open Command Prompt
  5. now type ren d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe utilman.exe.bak
  6. copy d:\windows\System32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe
  7. Now restart your pc
  8. now clcik on Ease of Access icon
  9. You will see a command prompt
  10. Now type net user test /add
  11. net localgroup administrators
  12. test /add
  13. close command prompt and restart your pc
  14. Now you will see the test user and you can log on with that

This is also a good way to recover your windows 10 password if lost.

If you still have any problem please contact us here 

or call us 01892 544199

I hope it helps you.

How to Fix No Internet Connection

If your PC or Laptop display fix No Internet Connection or display error your internet connection configurations wrong please follow these steps:

Windows 10 or 8 or 8.1 or Windows 7 

Step 1 : On your keyboard press Windows Key and then press R key (Windows+R) . It will open a run dialog box

Step 2 : Now type cmd in this box and press return key or ok button. A black box will appear it called command prompt.

Step 3 : Now type  netsh winsock reset catalog and press return key .

Step 4 : Now restart your pc and all done.

Contact us for more information.