Backup Your Data

These days it is very important to know How to backup your data because no one can afford to lose their important photos, project work or music.
computer backup your data

Computers can be stolen, break down or completely damaged by accidents which can be catastrophic disaster of lost of your important work or music. The only way to protect your data is have a data backup strategy in place.

There are many ways important data can be securely backed up few of them I will explain here:


Backup using External Hard Drives

This involve setting up your external hard drive to continuously backup your computer data on a regularly basis using either Windows build in backup software called File History or using third party software .

WD MyPassport Hard drive will cost around £60 and this hard drive have a built in backup software called SmartWare. A similar type of hard drive are Seagate and Toshiba .

Backup your data using Cloud Backup

Another option to backup your data online or on the cloud is called Cloud Backup. Following are some of the well known companies who offer this service for a minimal monthly or yearly fee.

  • Dropbox – 2GB free cost but more space can be bought for £10/month. It is also used by millions as data sharing tool. The link is 
  • Google Drive  – 15 GB Free but more will cost you around £6/month
  • BT Cloud  – If you use BT broadband they will give you 50GB free but more can be bought by paying little extra per month
  • PcWorld – KNOWHOW offer 1TB online data storage for £30 per month here is a link for
  • BackBlaze – This is another good backup software easy to use and provide unlimited storage for £3/month
  • OneDrive – Microsoft offer OneDrive which is a part of Windows App and it offer 15GB free online storage you can find 

Using Email to Backup Your Data

If you have a good storage package for your email then any important file can be emailed to yourself to keep as a record.

Apple Computer use TimeMachine

All models of Apple computers use a built in backup software called TimeMachine which is very handy to backup your data on to external hard drive.

iCloud Backup

Apple also have cloud backup iCloud where you can get 2 GB free but then price increases as you buy more storage but it is still worth exploring because it synchronise with all of Apple dives in a good manner.

If you have any question about how to backup and secure your important data please do not hesitate to contact us we will help you setup a good data backup plan according to your requirement.

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