Windows Update

How to Check Windows Update

If you have windows computer with Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 then it is very important that your regularly check that your computer have latest Windows Update installed.

Windows computers are set to install Important security updates automatically but sometime this automatic security updates doe snot work and it is important to install or check Windows updates manually.

I have compiled here a very easy method to open the Windows Updates screen and check Windows update , please follow these instructions and make sure you have latest Windows updates:


On your keyboard press Windows Key and R keys together as shown in the following picture:

windows and R key windows update



Step 2

This will open a run window dialog box as shown below :

run dialog box







Type control update in this box and press OK button .

Step 3 

This will open the following windows now press Check Updates :

check updates

This will automatically install Windows Update and your pc will be protected .

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Backup Your Data

These days it is very important to know How to backup your data because no one can afford to lose their important photos, project work or music.
computer backup your data

Computers can be stolen, break down or completely damaged by accidents which can be catastrophic disaster of lost of your important work or music. The only way to protect your data is have a data backup strategy in place.

There are many ways important data can be securely backed up few of them I will explain here:


Backup using External Hard Drives

This involve setting up your external hard drive to continuously backup your computer data on a regularly basis using either Windows build in backup software called File History or using third party software .

WD MyPassport Hard drive will cost around £60 and this hard drive have a built in backup software called SmartWare. A similar type of hard drive are Seagate and Toshiba .

Backup your data using Cloud Backup

Another option to backup your data online or on the cloud is called Cloud Backup. Following are some of the well known companies who offer this service for a minimal monthly or yearly fee.

  • Dropbox – 2GB free cost but more space can be bought for £10/month. It is also used by millions as data sharing tool. The link is 
  • Google Drive  – 15 GB Free but more will cost you around £6/month
  • BT Cloud  – If you use BT broadband they will give you 50GB free but more can be bought by paying little extra per month
  • PcWorld – KNOWHOW offer 1TB online data storage for £30 per month here is a link for
  • BackBlaze – This is another good backup software easy to use and provide unlimited storage for £3/month
  • OneDrive – Microsoft offer OneDrive which is a part of Windows App and it offer 15GB free online storage you can find 

Using Email to Backup Your Data

If you have a good storage package for your email then any important file can be emailed to yourself to keep as a record.

Apple Computer use TimeMachine

All models of Apple computers use a built in backup software called TimeMachine which is very handy to backup your data on to external hard drive.

iCloud Backup

Apple also have cloud backup iCloud where you can get 2 GB free but then price increases as you buy more storage but it is still worth exploring because it synchronise with all of Apple dives in a good manner.

If you have any question about how to backup and secure your important data please do not hesitate to contact us we will help you setup a good data backup plan according to your requirement.

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How to Reset Your Windows 10 Local Account Password

windows 10 laptop
Windows 10 Local Account Password

Please follow these instructions How to Reset Your Windows 10 Local Account Password

  1. Boot from USB drive
  2. Open File Manager and go to Windows/System32/config  folder
  3. Copy the full path e.g /media/sda2/Windows/System32/Config
  4. Now close File Manger
  5. Open LXTerminal
  6. Type cd and right click and paste copied earlier path
  7. Now type chntpw -i SAM  or sudo chntpw SAM or chntpw -h
  8. Follow the instructions

These instructions can be used with any Linux boot able usb drive for example TechUSB or UBUNTO boot able drive.

If you forget Windows 10 password then there are many way to recover it first method is using Windows recovery dvd or USb drive and other is just guessing your password .

There is another method where you can recover Windows 10 password , please follow below :

  1. Start from Windows 10 USD boot bale or DVD  Bootable drive
  2. Do not install instead Repair Windows
  3. Now click on Trouble Shooting
  4. Now open Command Prompt
  5. now type ren d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe utilman.exe.bak
  6. copy d:\windows\System32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe
  7. Now restart your pc
  8. now clcik on Ease of Access icon
  9. You will see a command prompt
  10. Now type net user test /add
  11. net localgroup administrators
  12. test /add
  13. close command prompt and restart your pc
  14. Now you will see the test user and you can log on with that

This is also a good way to recover your windows 10 password if lost.

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How to Fix No Internet Connection

If your PC or Laptop display fix No Internet Connection or display error your internet connection configurations wrong please follow these steps:

Windows 10 or 8 or 8.1 or Windows 7 

Step 1 : On your keyboard press Windows Key and then press R key (Windows+R) . It will open a run dialog box

Step 2 : Now type cmd in this box and press return key or ok button. A black box will appear it called command prompt.

Step 3 : Now type  netsh winsock reset catalog and press return key .

Step 4 : Now restart your pc and all done.

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Data Backup

Here is my latest article about Data Backup , it explain the importance  and best practice to save you important documents, photo, music and other crucial data on your computer.

Importance of Data Backup

These days much of our daily life dependent on computer or digital devices and most of our personal or work information is saved on computer , think how about if we loose them? it will be disaster isn’t it?  yes of course .

So this is vital to regular back your important data and adopt an robust strategy to keep your data safe and recoverable in case if there is a disaster happen.

Best Data Backup Strategies

1 – Email Yourself

Any document of high importance should be email to your self , it means it will be there safe on remote server and will be available to you any time as long as you can access your email. Just write/compose a new email and in the to filed type your own email address and attach this important document and then send , also make sure it returns back into your inbox .

This type of back up is fine with small size documents which is highly important .

2 – External Hard Drive Backup (recommended)

This is the most useful and safest method for backing up your data, what you need an external hard drive with USB 3.0 interface and as much big capacity as you can I recommend 1TB capacity of hard drive , it will cost you around £50 and you can buy form any shop  or from on line stores like Amazon , eBuyer etc .

Instructions for PC using File History for Windows 10

  1. Connect your external hard drive to any on of the spare USB port
  2. Wait for few seconds so that your computer recognise your external hard drive
  3. Now Click on Start Button on the most left bottom corner > then Settings >now click on  Update & Security > now click on Backup
  4. On the right hand side under the Back up Using File History 
  5. Click on Plus sign add a drive > it will start searching your external hard drive and will find the hard diver > just click on the hard drive
  6. It will automatically switch on the File History backup for you .
  7. Make sure you keep plugged in your external hard drive all the time.

NOTE: This first back up will take a longer time and then any subsequent back will only backup only those files which are new or changed and will backup immediately as you will be creating or amending them .

Instruction for Apple Computer using Time Machine

  1. Connect your external hard drive to your Apple computer
  2. Apple ISO operating software will automatically ask you whether you want to use this hard drive to back up.
  3. If it ask you then press yes and follow the instructions to set up Time Machine 
  4. If automatic message does not appear then click on Finder 
  5. Now go to Application Folder
  6. Now double click on Time Machine  
  7. Now follow the on screen instructions to set up Time Machine for regular backup

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Remove Virus from iPad

remove virus from ipad
How to remove virus from ipad

let we fix remove virus from iPad. Some people thought Apple products are safe from viruses like iPad or iPhone can not get viruses , this is not right . If you visit bad websites like website offering free games, adult websites or free movies or free songs etc, you are vulnerable for viruses .

How to remove virus from iPad?

These days a very nasty virus is out there which is downloaded from adult websites or free games websites and it literately block your Safari and you are unable to search any website

You will receive this message if your iPad is infected you will get this message “ATTENTION!  Your mobile device has been blocked up for safety reasons.  AUDIO AND VIDEO RECORDING IN PROGRESS.  Amount of fine is 250$.  You can settle the fine with PayPal My Cash Cards.  TYPE YOUR CODE (250$ PayPal My Cash Card) AND PRESS ‘OK'”

Resolution :

  1. Press Home Button so that iPad comes to home screen
  2. Now press ‘Settings’ button
  3. Scroll down to ‘Safari’ and click on Safari icon
  4. On the right hand side in the bottom of the screen tap on “Clear History and Web Data#
  5. Press ok if any message appears
  6. Wait for 1 minute .
  7. Shut down and restart iPad

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How to Restore to Factory Settings

Most of the time computers does not work properly and even don’t start up. In this situation no option left for computers to reset them back to factory settings which is a good idea but most of the time it is difficult to figure out which key combinations have to press to start recovery process.

Here I have compiled the key combinations for different make and model , I hope it will help.

Make Model Operating System Key Combination
ASUS Desktop Windows 8 0r 8.1 F9
Compaq Presario CQ61 Windows 7 F11
Dell Inspiron Windows 7 F8
Sony Laptop VPCCW1Z4E Windows 7 Alt + F10
Toshiba Satellite S855 Windows 8/8.1 Press & Hold 0 key while power on
Samsung All Windows 7/8/10 F4

Print from iPad

As these days every one is keen to get iPad because these are smart, powerful and more convenient to use devices. Apple iPads are wonderful gadgets for email, photos, videos and internet but when its comes to printing many people still find difficulties and they print their stuff from computer/laptop.

I have compiled few steps here to facilitate you regarding printing from iPads.

Step 1 – Printer Compatibility

First you need to know whether your printer is capable to print from iPad or not, many new printers do but unfortunately old printers do not. Any printer which can print over Wifi or called Wireless Printer with support for AirPrint can print from iPad.

If you would like to know whether your printer has these facility you can check it on the Apple list below.

About AirPrint  (A list of printer which can print from iPad)

Step 2 – Download App for iPad

Almost every printer manufacturer including Epson, HP , Brother, Samsung etc have their own Apps which help you to print from iPad .

  1. On your iPad click on App Store  it will open the App store page
  2. Now on right hand corner tab on a search box and type the name of your printer for example Epson iPrint
  3. It will display a list of Apps now choose the relevant App and tab on Get button then tab on INSTALL
  4. It might ask you for your Apple ID Password , please enter the password and tab OK button
  5. It will download your required App and place it on the iPad screen

Step 3 – Setting Up the App

Now once the App is on your ipAd you can use it to connect to your printer , I have an example of Epson iPrint App here

  1. Tab on App to open it
  2. Now tab on Find printer button
  3. Now follow the instructions to connect your printer.

Step 4 – Finally Print

  1. Now you open any document or photo and tab on share-ios7
  2. Then tab on print button ipadprint

Your photo/document will be printed on your printer .

The information on this page is a rough guide however if you need any help setting up your iPad for printing please contact me on 01892 544199 and I will help you with that.


How to change Home Page

How to change home page is the most asked question.

Sometime due to a virus/spyware your internet explorer home page (the very first page when you start internet explorer) is changed to some different page as you required .

Follow these steps to change back it