Computer Help

“We’d Love to Help” is a core value at the heart of Computer Gurus

There are many ways we can provide computer help and support for your computing needs, whether you simply wan tot know which is the best security software for your computer or would like to have a one-to-one training session to learn about computers, smart mobile phones or tablets.

We at Computer Gurus always listen to our customers and understand their personal computer needs and then try to find a best solution for them.

We are friendly and always enthusiastic to support our customers who would like to answer their question and put them in a right direction providing them an impartial advice which is benefit to them and save them money.

For example people can take advantage of very good free antivirus software available on the market which will not only save them from virus attacks but good for their pocket too.

Here are the services we can help you with

  • Setting up New Computer – If you buy a new computer , Laptop, Mobile or Tablet we will setup for you at your home or office and make sure it meets your needs .
  • Data Transfer  –  We can transfer your document, photos, music , videos or emails or any other data from your old computer to new computer without any hassle .
  • Help Choosing Right Computer  – we can help you to choose the right computer which suits your needs and independently advise you buy third party softwares , our experts are fully trained and knowledge able in this field .
  • Help Choosing a Right Broad Services – We can provide you an impartial and expert advice to choose a right broadband service which saves to money and any technical hassle which you might get during switch over. We will be only a phone call away from to help you resolve any broadband queries and any technical questions.
  • On-site-Training – If you prefer to one our very friendly expert come to your place and sit with you to answer your questions in a very simple way we also love that and we also love to have a cup of tee as well.

“Prevention is better than Treatment”

  • Alert Service – If you sign up with our Alert Services we will alert you in time as soon as any new threat is discovered and we will advise you step by step process to protect you from these threats.
  • Backup Advice – As we are relying more and more on computer these days our crucial data like photos , documents , music , videos, email or nay important data MUST need to be backed up regularly to keep it safe in case of any disaster happen to your computer.


  • Data Backup Plan  – We will help you to setup a backup plan to make sure your curial data is safe and not lost and available in case of an emergency.
  • How-TO Questions – We are very happy to answer your how to questions , like how to safely browse the internet? how to clean your computer ? how to setup a social media account?
  • Security Advice to Parents – We all want our children be safe while they browse internet or interact with others over social networks sites, we provide a comprehensive, expert and impartial advice to parents and guide them to keep their family safe.
  • Internet Safety Advice – Internet is a great invention but unfortunately at the same time it brings  some vulnerabilities with it, it means if a proper security measures not taken the vulnerable people like children and elderly or those who has less computer knowledge can easily become victim of online abusers – so we help them to protect vulnerable people.

Well trained and qualified engineers means you are in a safe hands for your computing needs – please call us to get an excellent service from Computer Gurus.