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computer repairs


We provides computer repairs and maintenance services in and around Tunbridge Wells.
Our excellent computer repair service is second to non and collectively we have more than 20 years of experience and all our engineers are certified and verified.

We provide impartial laptop or computer repairs help and advice and fix all type of computer problems including virus removal , spyware removal, making computer fast, we can repair onsite or customer can bring computer to our center.

Help Others is our companies’s core value and we always adhere to that once it comes to repairs. 

We can provide a range of services to fix and maintain PC , Mobile Devices Help and Support also Training. Also can provide computer repairs.

Computer Hardware Repairs

Computers are wonderful gadgets which are an essential part of our life these days, as computers are made of hardware parts and software to run these parts therefore computer parts some time failed like other machines and we are the experts to fix them or replace them quickly efficiently and cost effectively, here are some examples of hard ware maintenance:

  • Laptop Screen Replacement – we can replace all model all type of laptop’s screen.
  • Hard Drive upgrade – If you have an old computer and you are photo lover or music lover you probably need to upgrade your hard drive to make sure you not run out of space.
  • Graphic Card Upgrade/Replacement – Graphic cards are responsible for displays but some time you wan to upgrade to play a particular game or to enhance existing display quality – we are here to help you for a better display .
  • Memory Upgrade –  Memory is the brain of the computer and directly related to the speed of the  “more memory more speed” – we can upgrade high quality memory for your PC laptop or mobile device.
  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement – sometime your lovely dog or cat sit on your laptop or do bad thing on it or by accident coffee or tea spill  over it – we can replace laptop keyboard .

Computer Software Problems

Computer does what ever we told him to do”  It means computers perform tasks using their programs also called software but sometime computer software get damaged due to computer viruses or spywares, we use latest techniques to fix any software issue also provide expert advise to upgrade them .

Common software issues which can affect a computer are as follow:

  • Computer not starting up  – If you computer not starting up at all you can call us we will help you to bring it back in working order.
  • Computer Keep Crashing  –  sometime software or hardware update or malfunction of computer hardware cause computer keep crashing and make it un usable specially when you are doing some important work and it crashes suddenly without any warning . We will diagnose the problem and fix it quickly .
  • Unable to Browser Internet – If you are unable to open any internet browser please call us we will fix it for you .
  • Unable to Install Software  – If you have nay particular software which you love to install but unable to install it we will help you to make it working for you .
  • Security software choices – It is imperative to keep your computer save from malicious software like computer viruses, adware or spyware or ad pop ups, these malicious software are very dangerous not only they are nuisance for the users they also compromise your privacy and collect information about your trend of surfing internet.

    These malicious software must be removed ” .

    “We’d love to remove these malicious software and to advise our customers to install good antivirus or security software “

  • Email Program Not working  – If you use any particular email program to manage your emails some time these programs fails to provide the service which you require and crashed and leave you with no incomming or outgoing emails , we are expert to solve these type of issues. We will also advise you and explain you other options to use your email effectively.
  • Software Upgrades – If you have hugely invested in buying an expensive PC few years ago and now you want to upgrade new operating system we can help you and explain you about the con & pros of upgrading and do it for you by saving you money .

    ” Always Keep your Computer Up to date for a better protection “

All of our engineers are highly qualified  – It means your device is in a safe hand 

Please contact us for an impartial expert help and advice.