Computer Running Slow

computer running slow

computer running slow

Computer Running Slow

If your computer running slow or your laptop is very sluggish and take long time to start also freezes frequently during work. It might be cased by old type of mechanical hard drive.Fortunately technology has advanced and now a new type of hard drive called Solid State Drives (SSD) are available which can fix this problem by boosting your computer speed up to 10 time.

Replacing your old mechanical hard drive with new SSD type drives can solve this problem. Which can save you to buying a new computer or new laptop.

Although many different sizes of SSD are available but 250GB and 500Gb are the most popular choice when it comes to replacing the old hard drive.

There are many makes of SSD drives but we choose good quality Samsung SSD drive to make sure a good speed and reliability can be achieved and customer satisfaction can be assured.

Samsung recently released a new model Samsung 860 EVO SSD drive . see more

samsung 860 ssd

If you are experience slow computer problem please contact us we will replace your old style mechanical hard rive with new fast SSD drive .

Cost for replacing the 250 GB will be around £150 and for 500GB it will be £200.

There are two methods to upgrade

  • cloning of the drive both for Windows and Mac
  • Fresh operating System installation for for Windows and Mac

If you have many software which you do not wish to reinstall them or it might be difficult to find their product keys then cloning is the best option , during cloning of the drive every thing is cloned to the new SSD drive without any change to your pc .

However sometime cloning process does not work properly and we have to install fresh operating system.

Please contact us for a quote or any question .

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