Data Backup

Here is my latest article about Data Backup , it explain the importance  and best practice to save you important documents, photo, music and other crucial data on your computer.

Importance of Data Backup

These days much of our daily life dependent on computer or digital devices and most of our personal or work information is saved on computer , think how about if we loose them? it will be disaster isn’t it?  yes of course .

So this is vital to regular back your important data and adopt an robust strategy to keep your data safe and recoverable in case if there is a disaster happen.

Best Data Backup Strategies

1 – Email Yourself

Any document of high importance should be email to your self , it means it will be there safe on remote server and will be available to you any time as long as you can access your email. Just write/compose a new email and in the to filed type your own email address and attach this important document and then send , also make sure it returns back into your inbox .

This type of back up is fine with small size documents which is highly important .

2 – External Hard Drive Backup (recommended)

This is the most useful and safest method for backing up your data, what you need an external hard drive with USB 3.0 interface and as much big capacity as you can I recommend 1TB capacity of hard drive , it will cost you around £50 and you can buy form any shop  or from on line stores like Amazon , eBuyer etc .

Instructions for PC using File History for Windows 10

  1. Connect your external hard drive to any on of the spare USB port
  2. Wait for few seconds so that your computer recognise your external hard drive
  3. Now Click on Start Button on the most left bottom corner > then Settings >now click on  Update & Security > now click on Backup
  4. On the right hand side under the Back up Using File History 
  5. Click on Plus sign add a drive > it will start searching your external hard drive and will find the hard diver > just click on the hard drive
  6. It will automatically switch on the File History backup for you .
  7. Make sure you keep plugged in your external hard drive all the time.

NOTE: This first back up will take a longer time and then any subsequent back will only backup only those files which are new or changed and will backup immediately as you will be creating or amending them .

Instruction for Apple Computer using Time Machine

  1. Connect your external hard drive to your Apple computer
  2. Apple ISO operating software will automatically ask you whether you want to use this hard drive to back up.
  3. If it ask you then press yes and follow the instructions to set up Time Machine 
  4. If automatic message does not appear then click on Finder 
  5. Now go to Application Folder
  6. Now double click on Time Machine  
  7. Now follow the on screen instructions to set up Time Machine for regular backup

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