Q. What is you refund policy?

A. We are very confident about the quality of our services however due to a very complex nature of computer technology sometime the same problem occur again. In this case option one: we provide the same service again if it happens within 15 day  or option 2: if customer want we fully refund the amount paid towards our service charges within 15 days of the original work carried out.

Q. What warranty your repairs have?

A . All our repairs carry a 3 month limited warranty, it means if the same problem happen again within three months we will fix it free for you .

Q. What is the warranty of your parts?

A.  All new parts have one year manufacturer warranty, in case of failure parts have to be sent out to manufacturer and either replace it repair it , so there might be little delay in this process.


Q. What happened if you damage my device while working on to it?

A. Computer Gurus have taken out an Public Liability insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance to protect ourselves against any damages.

Q. What happened if you can repair onsite?

A. We try our best to fix computer and mobile phones on site but in certain circumstances we have to bring the device back to our state of the art workshop to fix and then we return back to you once repair is completed.

Q. Can you provide a courtesy computer during repairs?

A. Yes we can provide you a courtesy computer for your internet and other needs for a limited use during the repairs for example if a part is needed to be ordered and it could delay the repair process.

Q. How do you accept payments?

A. We accept , cash , cheque , debit/credit cards and Paypal , whatever convenient to you .

Q. How can I assure that my personal data is safe and you maintain privacy of my data?

A. We are very reliable and responsible company and fully comply with the data protection laws. We can assure you that we will never miss use your data. Our policy is never look or open any private data files please see our privacy policy.

Q. How far you can travel to fix computer?

A. We based in Tunbridge Wells and can travel 10 miles radius of Tunbridge Wells .The have our  happy customers from Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Hillsborough, Paddock Wood, Goudburst, Crowborough, Edenbridge and near towns.

Q. What is your turn around time?

A. We make sure we responds to our customers enquiry as soon as possible without any delay however when we are busy helping others it might take two to 3 hours to come to you for repairs.

Q. Is your 24/7 service is really a 24/7 service ?

A. This service is only limited to telephone help. Our travelling hours are 8am to 10 pm .