How to Backup Your Data

If you are looking for a peace of mind to backup all of your important data on your Windows computer including documents, pictures, videos or emails you can use this script to manually perform backup.

This script is a very powerful Windows command called ‘robocopy’ which is an abbreviation for robust copy .

Folow these steps to setup a back:

Steps to Create a Backup Script

  1. Create a Folder

    Create a folder C:\backup

  2. Download The Script File

    Download the script created by Computer Gurus experts into C:\backup folder Download Here

  3. Change Script

    Now right click on the file C:\backup\backup.cmd and click Edit. Change the source directory and destination directory according to your need. Then save the file.

  4. Create a Shortcut

    Now right click on the file C:\backup\backup.cmd and press Send to > Desktop (Create Shortcut)

  5. Run Backup

    Now whenever you feel you need to run this backup, double click on the shortcut named backup on your desktop. A black box command windows will appear , please wait for this box to disappear . Once this disappear it means your backup is complete.

I hope this will help you to save your all the data in your user folder however if you have any question please contact us on 01892 529999.