How to Create Shortcuts In Windows 10

It is always handy to have a short cut for your favourite application for example Gmail or Hotmail on your desktop.

Please follow these steps to create short cut in Windows 10 , I will demonstrate with Gmail short cut.

Step 1 – In Windows 10 open Edge  and open Gmail page after entering the username and password page.

Step 2 – Now add this Gmail page in to your Favourites by clicking on star on the top right corner > then press Add button

Step 3 – Now close the Edge

Step 4 – Open File explorer it is a yellow box on the task bar and go to the following folder


Step 5 – Here you will see your favourite web page

Step 6 – Right click on the favourite icon > press send to > Desktop (create short cut)

Now a short cut will appear on your desktop which can be used to open your Gmail page directly.

Hope this article will help you .

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