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How to Fix iPhone Charging Port?

How to Fix iPhone Charging Port?

Sometimes you realise that your iPhone stops charging and if the battery drains out then your phone will not start up at all. 

You try to push the charging port in but it does not go in at all or not fit properly.
This could happen because the front part of the charging port came off and got stuck inside the iPhone charging port, especially if you use very cheap and low quality charging cables thinking about saving money.

However it costs you more to get it repaired.

There could be a simple solution for this problem, you can carefully check if the front part as mentioned in the image below is broken or came off , if that is the case then use a high quality pair of tweezers and try to get the struck front part out from the changing port.
If you manage to get this part out then your iPhone will start charging again and you could save repair cost and save time to go to the phone repair shop. 

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