How To Get Free Antivirus Software

For windows computers an antivirus software is very important to protect you from viruses and spywares usually downloaded form the internet.

Many people do not know there are few internet service provided also offer free antivirus programs as a part of their package Bt is one of them.

There are many antivirus software available in the market but you have to pay for them however there are few free antivirus programs available like Avast and AVG but once you install them they will popping up message to buy their subscriptions which is sometime annoying .

BT Virus Protect logo

BT Broadband Customer

BT is one of the internet service provider which provides a free Antivirus software provided by McAfee which is really lightweight and efficient.

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How To Get This Free BT Virus Protect:

Step 1

Open your internet browser like Chrome or Edge type then hover your mouse on My BT link then click on Log in >

Step 2

Enter your email and password – which was used to register with your BT account and then press Log in to My BT button

Step 3

It will take you to your BT home page where you can find the Your Extras link

Step 4

Under the Your Extras you will find Security Tab

Step 5

Now click on the BT Virus Protect link

Step 6

Now you click on a download link and follow the instructions to install a free McAfee antivirus which will protect you from viruses as long as you are a BT customer.

Detailed instructions from BT are here:

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