MacBook Backup

macbook backup
MacBook Backup

It is very important to perform MacBook backup to backup your crucial documents, photos videos and other files regularly before any disaster happen to your MacBook. You really do not want to loose your wonderful memories in the form of photos or you really do not want to loose any important business report.

So the question is how we do that ?there are many ways to fully backup your MacBook. However the most reliable and good method is to use MacBook built-in utility called TimeMachine which is highly recommended as a one of the best method for backup .

MacBook Backup Apple Mac TimeMachine

To backup your MacBook you need an external hard drive, any external hard drive will be fine but I recommend WD My Passport 1TB hard drive for backup , you can buy 2TB or 4TB as well it is really depend upon your requirements.

  1. Connect your external hard drive to your your Mac in USB port 
  2. Open System Preference and looking for TimeMachine 
  3. Open TimeMachine 
  4. Follow the instructions on TmeMachine and set up your regular backup 

If you want more details or want us to help you setup your backup to save time please contact us 01892 544199

For further detail about MacBook Backup please visit Apple TimeMachine