Print from iPad

As these days every one is keen to get iPad because these are smart, powerful and more convenient to use devices. Apple iPads are wonderful gadgets for email, photos, videos and internet but when its comes to printing many people still find difficulties and they print their stuff from computer/laptop.

I have compiled few steps here to facilitate you regarding printing from iPads.

Step 1 – Printer Compatibility

First you need to know whether your printer is capable to print from iPad or not, many new printers do but unfortunately old printers do not. Any printer which can print over Wifi or called Wireless Printer with support for AirPrint can print from iPad.

If you would like to know whether your printer has these facility you can check it on the Apple list below.

About AirPrint  (A list of printer which can print from iPad)

Step 2 – Download App for iPad

Almost every printer manufacturer including Epson, HP , Brother, Samsung etc have their own Apps which help you to print from iPad .

  1. On your iPad click on App Store  it will open the App store page
  2. Now on right hand corner tab on a search box and type the name of your printer for example Epson iPrint
  3. It will display a list of Apps now choose the relevant App and tab on Get button then tab on INSTALL
  4. It might ask you for your Apple ID Password , please enter the password and tab OK button
  5. It will download your required App and place it on the iPad screen

Step 3 – Setting Up the App

Now once the App is on your ipAd you can use it to connect to your printer , I have an example of Epson iPrint App here

  1. Tab on App to open it
  2. Now tab on Find printer button
  3. Now follow the instructions to connect your printer.

Step 4 – Finally Print

  1. Now you open any document or photo and tab on share-ios7
  2. Then tab on print button ipadprint

Your photo/document will be printed on your printer .

The information on this page is a rough guide however if you need any help setting up your iPad for printing please contact me on 01892 544199 and I will help you with that.