Remove Virus from iPad

remove virus from ipad
How to remove virus from ipad

let we fix remove virus from iPad. Some people thought Apple products are safe from viruses like iPad or iPhone can not get viruses , this is not right . If you visit bad websites like website offering free games, adult websites or free movies or free songs etc, you are vulnerable for viruses .

How to remove virus from iPad?

These days a very nasty virus is out there which is downloaded from adult websites or free games websites and it literately block your Safari and you are unable to search any website

You will receive this message if your iPad is infected you will get this message “ATTENTION!  Your mobile device has been blocked up for safety reasons.  AUDIO AND VIDEO RECORDING IN PROGRESS.  Amount of fine is 250$.  You can settle the fine with PayPal My Cash Cards.  TYPE YOUR CODE (250$ PayPal My Cash Card) AND PRESS ‘OK'”

Resolution :

  1. Press Home Button so that iPad comes to home screen
  2. Now press ‘Settings’ button
  3. Scroll down to ‘Safari’ and click on Safari icon
  4. On the right hand side in the bottom of the screen tap on “Clear History and Web Data#
  5. Press ok if any message appears
  6. Wait for 1 minute .
  7. Shut down and restart iPad

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