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How to Test the Wi-Fi Signals at Home using Ofcom Wi-Fi Checker

Now you can check that is your Wi-Fi if giving you the best signals at home by using a new App from Ofcom called Ofcom Wi-Fi Checker. It is simple to download and powerful to use here is the steps to download and use this App to test your Wi-Fi (Wireless) signals at home.

Ofcom Wi-Fi Checker Steps

Step 1

download the App from App Store in your iPhone by just typing Ofcom Wi-Fi Checker in search , the App looks as the following image.

wi-fi checker

Step 2

Once it is downloaded it will be on your iPhone main screen , just open the App by tapping it and tap on START WI-FI CHECKER

Step 3

A round circle will run and it will complete the test 1 , then it will run the test 2 and then it will show you the result.

If your Wi-Fi is not working well it App will show you some trouble shooting tips for further information please

Here are few tips to improve the Wi-Fi Signals

  • Move your router away from the interference devices like Micro Wave , TV, or Radio, Phone etc
  • Switch off your Router and wait for 2 minutes and switch back on again and wait for 2 minutes and check the speed again
  • Change the direction of the antennas on your router .
  • If you are more technical, change the channel of the router
  • Or if it all fails use Ethernet cable because Ethernet cable is more powerful than Wi-Fi signals.
  • Try to use the booster if possible because booster will improve the speed of your Wi-Fi

You can also find more information on Ofcom Offical webstise click here Ofcome Wi-Fi Checker

Hope it helps you to improve your Wi-Fi signals.

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