Windows Update

How to Check Windows Update

If you have windows computer with Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 then it is very important that your regularly check that your computer have latest Windows Update installed.

Windows computers are set to install Important security updates automatically but sometime this automatic security updates doe snot work and it is important to install or check Windows updates manually.

I have compiled here a very easy method to open the Windows Updates screen and check Windows update , please follow these instructions and make sure you have latest Windows updates:


On your keyboard press Windows Key and R keys together as shown in the following picture:

windows and R key windows update



Step 2

This will open a run window dialog box as shown below :

run dialog box







Type control update in this box and press OK button .

Step 3 

This will open the following windows now press Check Updates :

check updates

This will automatically install Windows Update and your pc will be protected .

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